God is for everyone and so are we. Together, we are followers of Jesus and seek to tell the whole world about God's love.

As Followers, we: Love God – so we live as Worshipers. Love everyone – so we live as Servants. Make disciples – so we live as Disciplers. Tell our stories – so we live as Missionaries. Every program, practice, and plan at FCC-JC is governed by this mission with the challenge to embody it in our lives.


Team Internships - offered by semester and are unpaid. These are the most flexible in schedule and are typically specific to one of the teams listed to below.

Staff Internships - offered by semester and are often paid. These require attendance at All Staff Meetings when class schedule allows.

Residencies - offered on a full-time or part-time basis for one year as a paid first-time ministry experience. These may be specific to a team or include a variety of experiences across teams.


Internships and residencies fluctuate each semester and year but may be available in any of the following areas or crafted to meet a unique need and/or ministry interest:

Welcome & Involvement Team - Connections, Welcome, Hospitality, and Events.
Groups Team - Pastoral Care, Adults, Preaching, Discipleship, Hispanic Community, College, Seniors, and Women.
Family Team - Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, and High School.
Worship & Communications Team - Worship & Production, Graphic Design, Web, and Video.
Operations Team - Administration, Business, Facility, and Weekday Preschool.


Requirements prior to approval of an applicant:
• Internship or residency application
• Three references
• Background check
• FCC-JC staff member sponsor (working with an advocate on our staff)
• Interview


Jan.-May Semester Internships
Jan.-Dec. Residencies
Applications accepted beginning Sept. 1 and ending Nov. 1. Placement notification will occur by Dec. 1.

Aug.-Dec. Semester Internships
Aug.-July Residencies
Applications accepted beginning March 1 and ending June 1. Placement notification will occur by July 1.

Potential interns and residents are encouraged to discuss opportunities with staff members at FCC-JC; however, the official process begins with submitting an email of interest along with resume to Nikki Hunt, Executive Minister, nhunt@fcc-jc.org.